Things I Hate About Running

There are a few things I really like about running. But then, there are things I really hate about running. Hate.



1) The boredom of running the same route (when you must)


2) When you run through that little cloud of gnats you can’t see and get them in your mouth. And nose. And eyes.


3) Chafing. Enough Said.


4) Running in the dark.


5) When your running partner is in infinitely better shape than you. Stop running so fast. Stop being so happy.


6) Trying to do the mental math of pace/distance and figuring out exactly how many minutes you have to keep running.


7) Realizing halfway through your run that you don’t match. At all.


8) When I’m running so hard (go me) that snot runs down my face.



Otherwise, I really like running. But there are just some things…I could do without.



5 thoughts on “Things I Hate About Running

  1. katiecburry says:

    Running the same route is the worst!! I’m always looking for new trails to run on, but they’re all so far from my flat!

    And running in the dark? I swear every time I do I think I’m going to killed by a serial killer. Hmm… maybe that one is less about running and more about binging Criminal Minds. Haha!


    • caseytris says:

      Haha! I can’t imagine Criminal Minds helps with that at all! The imagined serial killer is always at the forefront of my mind during runs in the dark. I swear I run faster, just because I’m convinced someone is going to get me.


      • katiecburry says:

        Haha! Yes, thinking of serial killers definitely helps with running faster. I always find myself thinking “ok, if someone jumped me right now what would I do? How would I get away?” Haha!


      • caseytris says:

        Hah me too! I play it all out in my mind. My main concern is that my legs are normally so tired from the run, I wouldn’t be able to get far if someone chased me!


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