Standard Leg Day Workout

Besides all of the running I’ve been doing for my marathon training, I’m also attempting to maintain any muscle I might have. I really enjoy weightlifting, and while it’s playing second fiddle right now, I’m still trying to fit it in whenever possible, without negatively affecting my runs. So here is a leg day workout that I struggled through this week.

This was a high volume leg day, with lower weight and higher reps. I really wanted to burn my legs out, and was feeling surprisingly energetic (which is no longer the case after this workout).

Squats – 4sets x 8 reps (95lbs, 115lbs, 135lbs, 135lbs)

Deadlifts – 4sets x 10 reps (115lbs)

Pistol Squats – 4sets x 12 reps (bodyweight)

My lifting partner and I then transitioned to a HIIT style leg workout which I’ve been loving lately. It burns so good, and sends my heartrate through the roof.

3 rounds, 45 seconds on, 45 seconds rest. 1 minute rest between rounds. All bodyweight.

Star Lunges

Full Squats

Standing Bridges

Jumping Lunges

This 20~ minute HIIT workout will really burn those legs out at the end of your workout. I had a rough jog home from the gym after this one, and have been sore since.

If anyone has any recommendations for 1) good leg day additions, and 2) good anti-soreness methods, please send them my way! 

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