Overcoming Sickness

Today I finally overcame my cold. I’ve been fighting it off for three or four days now, and I’ve done almost everything I can think of to beat it. And I finally won by doing this…

(Ok I didn’t actually do this but anything would be considered fair game, I was desperate!)

  • I took hot showers
  • Blew my nose¬†excessively
  • Ate garlic
  • Refrained from dairy as much as possible
  • Almost overdosed on Vitamin C
  • Did some¬†yoga

But ultimately, the thing that pushed me over this cold was actually getting myself out of bed this morning and getting out for a run. I wasn’t 100%, although I was feeling better than I had been. My run though made everything better! I felt a little off in the beginning, but I found my groove about midway though and managed to put out a decent time, all things considered.

I got a little of my confidence back and I’m feeling ready to take on this long weekend, with all of it’s training opportunities!


(How I feel about this weekend)

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