Taper Week…Kind Of?


The Nation’s Triathlon, my first ever triathlon, is ONLY 5 days away. 5 measly days stand between me and my goal, my pursuit for the last three months. I’m equally excited and terrified. I have a thousand thoughts running (or biking/swimming?) through my head constantly, and Worry and Doubt are raising their ugly heads. I’ve never competed in such a large race before, and the last time I actually raced at all was high school track.

All of my concerns stem from self-doubt and the unknown. I don’t know what the race will be like, except hectic, amazing, and over before I know it. Will I be able to keep up? Please please PLEASE don’t get a flat tire. Will I be able to keep my cool in the open water swim? Will I be able to hold enough energy in reserve for the run?  I have no idea, but we’ll find out in 5 days!

So, taper week! I’ve heard that this is an appropriate thing to do, to ensure that you don’t tax your muscles so much the days before your event. However, I’m not sure if I’ve been able to train enough in the last few weeks to even warrant a peak week. But, I’m going to give it a shot and we’ll see what happens come race day!

I got in my last longer bike rides this past weekend (thanks Labor Day!), and now it’s just going to be focusing on tightening up a little and bringing in race pace to some shorter workouts this week. I started with that this morning, running only two miles as quickly as I could pace myself. My legs were dead from my hilly bike ride yesterday, and I was a little disappointed with the end result. However, I’m actively trying to fight my self-doubt, so we’ll push that to the side and focus on my next workout which is swimming!

My swim session tomorrow will focus on shorter bursts of speed, paired with some slower, recovery laps. I don’t plan on swimming very far or for a long duration, but I do want to get a feel for going race speed while attempting to sight and not drown myself. My sighting practice has been haphazard and inconsistent, so I need to get a last feel for it before the race.

Taper Week Plan:

Monday – bike 12 miles (hills)

Tuesday – run 2 miles

Wednesday – swim 1000m intervals

Thursday – run 2 miles, sprints mixed in?

Friday – rest

Saturday – short run/swim, just to get my legs moving a bit.

Sunday – RACE DAY!!

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