Down and Out For the Count

Hindsight truly is 20/20, and after the past two weeks I’ve had of traveling, it’s abundantly obvious why I’m sick now. Not enough sleep, drinking too much, eating (somewhat) unhealthy, and being in different places brought some kind of sickness on me. Stuffy nose, headache, aching joints and exhaustion hit me yesterday, and I’m doing everything I can to combat it. I also think I’m going through something similar to the 5 Stages of Grief, but it’s just the 5 Stages of Dealing With An Illness Before a Race.

Step 1: Denial

I started out yesterday feeling slightly under the weather. But, I completely pushed my body’s signals to the back of my mind and went for a training run. The run did not end well; I was sucking wind and cramping, albeit going slower than normal.

Step 2: Anger 

The Denial stage lasted until yesterday evening, when I suddenly was in the worst mood for absolutely no reason. I was so grumpy. I needed wine, chocolate, a massage, and like, a million dollars to make everything better. Looking back now, I can tell I was angry at my workout that morning and I was angry at all the travel for getting me sick.

Step 3: Bargaining

This Bargaining step hit me this morning. “If only I hadn’t worked out yesterday, I’d feel better today.” “If only I hadn’t traveled that much.” Or, “If only I hadn’t drank that beer.” But, now I’m trying to fight this with everything I can think of. Aspirin, Sudafed, and over 2000mg of Vitamin C. Does anything bad happen if you take too much Vitamin C? I guess I might be the one to find out.

Step 4: Depression

I haven’t quite hit this step yet, but it might be coming. I can see it hitting tonight, when I go watch my boyfriend play ice hockey, and I get depressed about my self-inflicted working out hiatus. **I miss swimming!!** 😦

Step 5: Acceptance

Hopefully (fingers crossed), by the time I get to this step, this cold will be gone and I can go back to my happy-go-lucky training and be well-rested for the triathlon in 12 days.

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