7 Week Marathon Training Plan: Week 6

I realize it’s Wednesday, and I’m just now getting around to posting my week 6 workouts for my marathon training plan. Work has been pretty busy lately, and I’ve unfortunately been neglecting training somewhat. At this point though, I won’t gain any fitness in the next two weeks that will positively influence my marathon performance at all. However, if I were to push it too much, it could easily negatively influence my marathon. It takes approx. two weeks for fitness to be realized anyways, so any workouts now are just about maintaining fitness and creating the confidence to go into my first marathon with a solid mindset. I had only planned on doing a week long taper, but I tweaked my foot last week after my long run, and have really had to ratchet my run distances back. At this point it’s better safe than sorry, and I’m nursing this foot as best as I can. I spend most of my work day painfully rolling it on a tennis ball.

Anyways, this was my original Week 6 training plan: Marathon training 6.PNG

And this is my revised Week 6, taking into account my work schedule and my foot pain:

Marathon training 6.1.PNG

There’s lots of foam rolling planned, and some yoga to help keep everything loose. I know it’s hard to pull back from a training plan, but there’s no reason to over do it so close to a race. I’m disappointed my foot isn’t holding up (it hurts to even walk), but I’m going to do my best to fix it as quickly as possible before the marathon. So, it’s an early/easy taper week for me. Next week I’ll focus more on proper tapering (maintaining race pace for shorter distances with accelerations thrown in), but this week is just about not pushing too hard.

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