7 Week Marathon Training Plan: Marathon Week!

The prep for this marathon has been so short, I feel like I’ve barely had time to get all antsy and excited for it. But here it is; it snuck up on me and now I’m only a few days away from the Marine Corps Marathon. Part of me is so thrilled for my first marathon, and part of me is dreading the 4+ hours of pain it’s going to take to finish it. But, the time to doubt myself is long past, and there’s nothing else I can do except not screw up my taper.

Because I only had 7 weeks to train for this marathon, I originally opted for a one week long mini-taper. However, with my small foot injury plaguing me, my planned taper got extended into two weeks. Below is my current plan for this week; however, I might shift some workouts around, depending on how my foot feels.


I also realized, I don’t know what I’m going to wear for this marathon! Amateur move, but I haven’t even considered my clothing choices. For triathlons, it’s pretty simple: my tri top and spandex bottoms. Thankfully, the weather is looking nice for the MCM this Sunday, so I at least won’t have to fiddle with layers for the whole race.

Anyone have any go-to clothing pieces for a marathon? Besides a copious application of BodyGlide?

This week is all about eating healthy, sleeping a lot, resting this foot to the best of my ability, not overdoing it on workouts, and dealing with the taper crazies.

4 thoughts on “7 Week Marathon Training Plan: Marathon Week!

  1. ifijustbreathe says:

    My friend suggested running this marathon when I first decided I was going to run one and I’m dying to know how you’ll like it. I heat up like crazy when I run so I go with a nice pair of shorts, a v neck tank, and some good compression socks. I LOVE my compression socks and my feet always hurt when I don’t wear them on my runs. Good luck this weekend!


    • caseytris says:

      Hey I’ll definitely let you know how it goes! I’ve heard nothing but good things about this race too; the course is also fairly flat so that’s always a good selling point for me. Good running outfit too; I also get super hot when I run. I need to dress for at least 10-15F degrees warmer.

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