Swim Training Aug. 3

I had swim training today, which I never get up early enough to do before work. So, after-work swimming it is. I actually had to join another gym in order to gain access to a pool, and this gym is about 15 minutes away from where I live. The time dedication doesn’t seem that significant, but when you’re used to living a block from the gym and having your bike and running shoes at hand whenever, the time commitment to drive to the gym is bigger than a normal workout. But that’s just me complaining. I’m just sitting down to write this with my dinner at hand, and it’s already 9pm. Where does the time go?

Anyways, my workout for today consisted of some timed laps, some different strokes, and a few drills to practice form and breathing.

25 yards breaststroke, 75 yards freestyle x8

I added in breathing drills and slower pace to practice form when I noticed I was getting winded and my form was suffering.

100 yards freestyle x8

100 yards backstroke just to get a feel for it. I’m afraid of panicking when I’m in the water, swimming with all of those other people in the Potomac River (ew) and I feel like I need to be comfortable with backstroke just in case.

Otherwise, that was my entire workout. I did a Spartan Race this past weekend (a dedicated post to come on that) and I ran 5 miles yesterday just for fun, so I’m pretty gassed today.

Now onto my dinner, finishing up some work, and bed!

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