Squat Day!

Yesterday was a glorious Monday and I finally got in a solid leg workout again! My triathlon season is winding down, and I’m focusing on some more strength-building for the Spartan Race I plan to do in a month. A Spartan Race is a completely different beast from triathlons, and requires different, but complementary, fitness.  Continue reading

Spartan Race – Washington D.C. Sprint (Aug. 1)

My family has been a fan of Spartan races for a few years now. We’ve almost made it a family tradition for as many of us as possible to run the Pennsylvania Spartan Sprint. We’re going on three years running! I’ve always loved the Spartan Races, they’re intense, they push you mentally and physically until you’re unsure of how much more you can take, and at the end they hand you the sweet, sweet taste of victory, in the form of a beer. Continue reading