Things No One Told Me Before I Started Triathlons

Looking back on my first year doing triathlons, I’ve realized that I’ve completely changed as a person. My entire life has changed, my mindset has changed, and my athleticism has changed. I have experienced countless learning mistakes with triathlon, although I have yet to start the run with my helmet still on! So, in honor of my one year triathlon-aversary, and all the growing pains that come with it, I thought a list of things no one told me was appropriate. Continue reading

Ready (or not) for Peasantman

Nothing about the past couple weeks has been easy. Nor should it be. Losing your job is life-changing, as is getting a new one. I lost my groove there for a couple weeks, but I’m falling back into it and it feels good. It feels really good. I’ve finally found some motivation again and workouts are leaving me happy and tired. Continue reading