Tips for Balancing Work and Workouts

Literally everyone is busy. Constantly stressed, always busy. However, the weird humble-bragging about being busy has got to stop. Please, Millennials, stop bragging about how “busy” you are – none of us are that big of a deal. Everyone is busy; busy is the new normal. But, if busy is the new normal, how do you fit in your fitness goals with your career goals?  Continue reading

Keto: Daily Meal Plan

I’ve been on a Ketogenic diet for about a month now, and I’ve been loving it. I’m obsessed with cheese (as I mentioned in my previous post) and Keto is super cheese-friendly. No carbs, high in fats and protein, cheese makes my world go round. Thinking of making cheese my next #ManCrushMonday. It’s getting serious. Continue reading

Ironman Eagleman Race Report

All I have to say about Ironman Eagleman can be summed up in three words:

flat, gorgeous, hot

No, I actually have an (extensive) race report below, but can I reiterate hot for a moment? I thought I was acclimated to running in the heat before, but that was just child’s play compared to Eagleman. I, cockily, thought I could handle the heat. I was in for a rude awakening. Continue reading