Tips for Balancing Work and Workouts

Literally everyone is busy. Constantly stressed, always busy. However, the weird humble-bragging about being busy has got to stop. Please, Millennials, stop bragging about how “busy” you are – none of us are that big of a deal. Everyone is busy; busy is the new normal. But, if busy is the new normal, how do you fit in your fitness goals with your career goals?  Continue reading

Weightlifting – Part III

This is part III of my (accidental) weightlifting series. If you want to read part II or part I, they’re hyperlinked!  I didn’t envision this as a series, but I’m realizing that I actually have a lot to say on the subject of weightlifting and triathlon training.

One of my weak points in triathlon is the swim. My swim technique leaves a lot to be desired, and my musculature frequently falls short when it’s needed. Continue reading

Weightlifting – Part II

Last week I published a post titled “Triathlon Training and Weightlifting” where I ran through one of my typical leg-day workouts. I really do think weightlifting can easily get ignored when all you want to do is get out on your bike. But weightlifting is important for so many reasons, including: finding and correcting imbalances, strengthening stabilizer muscles, recruiting the core muscles in different ways, and generally creating well-rounded athletes. I wanted to follow that post up with a Part II, running through my Tuesday – Arms workout. It’s below; let me know what you think!  Continue reading

The Day Life Got In the Way

First off, quick race countdown update: 6 DAYS until my first race of the season, Peasantman Triathlon. And 40 DAYS until Eagleman 70.3.

I am nowhere near ready for my first half, but time marches steadily on.

I’ve admittedly been a little MIA from writing, and from training. Although, no excuses, I do feel as if my reason is fairly valid. Continue reading