Ready (or not) for Peasantman

Nothing about the past couple weeks has been easy. Nor should it be. Losing your job is life-changing, as is getting a new one. I lost my groove there for a couple weeks, but I’m falling back into it and it feels good. It feels really good. I’ve finally found some motivation again and workouts are leaving me happy and tired. Continue reading

The Day Life Got In the Way

First off, quick race countdown update: 6 DAYS until my first race of the season, Peasantman Triathlon. AndĀ 40 DAYS untilĀ Eagleman 70.3.

I am nowhere near ready for my first half, but time marches steadily on.

I’ve admittedly been a little MIA from writing, and from training. Although, no excuses, I do feel as if my reason is fairly valid. Continue reading