Homemade Keto Fat Bombs!


If you eat a keto diet and haven’t tried fat bombs yet, you are missing out!

I finally bought coconut flakes at the grocery store, and naturally decided to experiment and make my own fat bombs! These fat bombs taste just like the Samoa Girl Scout cookies. You know, the ones with the caramel, covered with toasted coconut and chocolate drizzled on top? Those incredible carb-filled beauties. 

Coconut Chocolate Fat Bombs

1/3 cup coconut oil

3 tbsp almond butter

1/2 tbsp honey

1 cup+ of coconut flakes, unsweetened

2/3 cup mini chocolate chips

Sprinkle of salt

Dash of vanilla extract

Cinnamon to taste (1.5 tsp for me)

Macros per serving:

Fat: 13.6     Carbs: 10.8     Fiber: 1.3     Protein: 1.8     Calories: 160

image2.JPG            image1.JPG

(I barely remembered to snap a pic of my last two before I shoved them down my pie-hole)


Heat the oven to 200F, just enough to toast the coconut on a baking sheet. While the coconut flakes are toasting, combine the rest of the ingredients, excluding the chocolate chips. It should mix fluidly. If your coconut oil isn’t liquified, heat it up slightly so it mixes well. Once the coconut is toasted, let it cool slightly, then combine with the rest of the ingredients. Mix in the chocolate chips at the end, being mindful of the carb count in the chocolate chips. Spread the mixture in little ice cube trays or, if you’re a heathen like me, just dump it in a flat tupperware container. Stick in the freezer until it solidifies (about 20 mins) then saw away at it until you get bite sized pieces. My batch gave me 12 servings (which are obviously all gone now).


A tip with fat bombs, keep them frozen or at least refrigerated – they do “melt” relatively quickly otherwise.

**To change the carb content (which is arguably high for a “fat bomb”), don’t use as many chocolate chips and coconut, and instead mix in some flavorless protein powder to get the right consistency. When I make my next batch this evening, I plan to use less coconut/chocolate and add protein powder to the mix. (I’ll update this later with the new macros)

UPDATE 5/30/17: I updated my recipe to include slightly less coconut and chocolate (very sad) and incorporated protein powder and here are the updated macros. Much friendlier than before!

Fat: 12.4     Carbs: 6.8     Fiber: 0.6     Protein: 3     Calories: 143

Let me know if you have any great fat bomb recipes! I’d love to try some new ones! 

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