Run, Sweat, Smile

I know I haven’t exactly kept it a secret here, but I seriously dislike running. I’d much rather feel the wind in my face from going 20+ miles an hour on the bike. But, I drug myself out for my run last night and purposefully forced myself to smile during it. I probably looked like an idiot, grinning and running and huffing and puffing, but it felt amazing. It was an instant mood lifter. Hey, it might have looked more like a grimace and I might have scared some small children, but I felt great! Happy, energetic, fast. I really could have kept running but didn’t want to go too crazy and ruin a good thing.

I really needed that positive run; the happiness has yet to abate and it’s 18 hours later. So, next time your run starts to suck, you lose motivation, you hit that hill – just smile!


One thought on “Run, Sweat, Smile

  1. katiecburry says:

    This is everything about why I love running! It makes all the work, effort, sweat, tears, freezing cold or blistering heat worth it in the end! I like biking, too, but I’ve never learned to swim so I can’t speak for that.

    Good luck with the rest of your training, though, you have all of my admiration for committing to a triathlon! I couldn’t even do a marathon and I love running!


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