7 Week Marathon Training Plan: Week 5 (and Week 4 Re-Cap)

So week four started off with a bang. And when I say bang, I actually mean a splitting headache, runny nose, and low-grade fever. I have been fighting this cold for the past week, and my workouts have been almost non-existent. I was feeling better and got a run in on Thursday, but felt slow and sluggish during it. And I managed to overdo it (typical) and set my healing back by a few days, as I woke up sick again on Friday morning.

I’m not going to bother making up my missed workouts; at this point, I haven’t lost too much fitness yet from the time off, and it won’t help trying to force two weeks worth of runs into one week. I’m feeling about 95% better, so I’m going to get a nice easy run in tonight and fingers crossed I don’t overdo it again. Below is my current work-out plan for this week. Hopefully I can stick to it closer than last week!


In other news, I returned to my alma mater, Penn State, this weekend for Homecoming, and I had a blast. Although I relegated myself to DD because I was still sick, I still had a really good time visiting my little brother. I even got in some Berkey Creamery ice cream and managed a hike up Mt. Nittany!



(Me and my baby brother)

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