7 Week Marathon Training Plan: Week 2

Week 1 of condensed marathon training went surprisingly well. I made some mistakes, but managed to hit all of my runs and most of my lifts. My long run on Sunday was…rough. Rough in that, I thought I could do the nine measly miles without water. Somehow my fueling knowledge from triathlons didn’t naturally convert into marathon training (over-confidence much?), and I learned the hard way I need some water after 5 miles. My pace  on the second half of the run really suffered from my lack of water, which was incredibly unfortunate because the first half of the run went really well. I was so thirsty I fantasized about stopping and asking tourists for some of their water. I also went hiking with my man this weekend, which surprisingly took a toll on my legs. That obviously didn’t help me out on my long run the next day.


Beautiful view from the hike to Mt. Rogers – the highest peak in Virginia

But, you live and learn, and this week is a new week! Here is my Week 2 plan for my marathon training. I’m increasing my long-run mileage by approx 20% per week; fingers crossed this drastic increase doesn’t lead to any injuries.

Marathon training 2.PNG


Anyone have any recommendations for a fuel belt? I painfully realized I need one for these long runs, and have no idea what type I should get! 

4 thoughts on “7 Week Marathon Training Plan: Week 2

  1. ifijustbreathe says:

    The other day, I thought I could do 9+ miles without water too.. Haha I was super tempted to ask others nearby for water, but ultimately ran to a gym locker room where there was a water fountain. I’ll never make that mistake again. Good luck on your 20% increase.


    • caseytris says:

      Haha that’s smart! I need to plan my route better so I run past a gym or other watering hole. Fingers crossed the increase goes well; I’ve been foam rolling and stretching the heck out of my legs!


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