7 Week Marathon Training Plan: Week 1

Now that the Nation’s Triathlon is over (race report in the works), I can focus on training for the Marine Corps Marathon which I recently signed up for. I only have 7 weeks left until the marathon, and I already know it’s going to be rough to get myself in marathon shape in that time. But, I’ve written a decent marathon training plan for myself, and I thought I’d share it here, week by week, as I progress through the plan.

7 Week Marathon Training Plan: Week 1

marathon training 1.PNG

This week I have a mixture of easy runs, sprints, and my first longer run scheduled. Since I get bored of running (hey, I’m a triathlete – three sports keeps things pretty fresh), I have to make sure I mix it up enough to keep me challenged and interested. I also don’t plan to neglect my weightlifting either, although I do intend to scale back on the intensity. The “WG” workouts are a HIIT-type, lower body-centric workout my boyfriend recently designed and I’m testing out for him. I also climb with a friend once a week, so that is taking the place of another lifting session. Got to keep things varied and fresh!

I also purposefully paired my heavier lifting session (Friday) with my running rest day. I am capable of working out every day of the week, and did that in prep for Ironman Eagleman. However, I know that marathon training is going to put a much larger strain on my body at this point, since the run is arguably my worst part of the triathlon.

If anyone has any tips or tricks for marathon training, please throw them my way! This is my first one, and I’m trying to prepare myself as well as possible.

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