Squat Day!

Yesterday was a glorious Monday and I finally got in a solid leg workout again! My triathlon season is winding down, and I’m focusing on some more strength-building for the Spartan Race I plan to do in a month. A Spartan Race is a completely different beast from triathlons, and requires different, but complementary, fitness. 

Leg Day

Warm up with 1 mile jog

Squat pyramid

135 lb warm up (2×10 reps)

155 lb deep squats (1×8 reps)

165 lb squats (3×7 reps)

155 lb deep squats (1×8 reps)

135 lb deep squats (3×8 reps)

Leg press

180 lb (3×15 reps)


135 lbs (3×15,10,8 reps)


up and down the gym (approx. 35 meters) 25 lbs plates in each hand

Cool down with stretching, ab work, and a light job

I’ve decided to start posting more of my daily workouts on here for a few reasons. 1) I can keep myself more accountable to creating and performing some butt-kicking workouts and 2) so anyone who is interested can see different workouts to get an idea for themselves. I love reading other people’s workouts and gathering key facts and interesting concepts from them. It helps keep things fresh in my own workouts by implementing something new I learned. Got to keep your body guessing!


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