T-Minus 5 Days

I’ve been trying to write a post for a couple days now, but every time I try to brainstorm a good topic to discuss, I get disappointed in my lack of creativity and propensity for distraction. Honestly, I’m in the middle of peak week for my first A-race of the season, Ironman Eagleman, and I’m freaking out. I have the full blown taper crazies. Two days ago, I performed my last long run, so I determined yesterday would be a complete rest day. I honestly never thought I would have a hard time holding myself back from working out!


(Don’t work out, don’t work out, don’t work out)

I was painfully bored after work; I had nothing to do, and hours to do it. I ended up doing squats in my living room randomly between cleaning and cooking, because why not. Taper crazies, man, let me tell you. I came up with three different ways to sort my clothing. I contemplated rearranging my furniture. I also started cleaning out my closet (whyyy). I went over my race plan innumerable times. I calculated and re-calculated my nutrition timing. I watched some tv (thank goodness). I considered starting a brand-new diet (yes, five days before the race).


I’ve also been having the hardest time staying focused on work. I’m so nervous and jerky about the upcoming race that it’s really hard for me to not google everything triathlon that comes to mind. I have been fighting some serious self-doubt the past couple days too. Every scenario that could possibly go wrong has played through my head (including lightning striking during the swim). Normally I’m good at rationalizing everything and looking at situations objectively, but the past week or so has been…too much.

Anyone have any idea how to distract myself and calm the heck down?!

2 thoughts on “T-Minus 5 Days

  1. YHN says:

    The taper crazies are the worst. If you have any hobbies at all that require intense concentration (and aren’t triathlon!), do them compulsively. (I think I practiced my calligraphy for two weeks straight before IMFL….) That’s all I can ever figure out to alleviate the taper crazies = indulge in other lunatic behavior.


    • casey @ caseytris says:

      Haha other hobbies besides triathlon! But that is a great idea. I’ll try to focus all my energy on playing the guitar or (more) cleaning!

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