Ready (or not) for Peasantman

Nothing about the past couple weeks has been easy. Nor should it be. Losing your job is life-changing, as is getting a new one. I lost my groove there for a couple weeks, but I’m falling back into it and it feels good. It feels really good. I’ve finally found some motivation again and workouts are leaving me happy and tired.

I was talking with a friend last night, and he asked if I was going to win my upcoming triathlon (Peasantman, May 8). And I laughed and responded “No, probably not.” And he said, “Pity, I don’t hang out with losers.” And I laughed at that and then a moment of introspection hit me. Here I was, days out, already starting the race with a losing mindset. Now, triathlon is about so much more than placing. It’s really a battle within yourself, beating the athlete in the mirror and achieving the goals you’ve set. But, I was already selling myself short. I have no idea what the field will be like at Peasantman, and who knows, I could win. (Probably not, but who knows.) The next two days I will focus on positive goal visualization and self-confidence. Crossing that finish line, smiling, having left it all out there, and plowing through a cupcake afterwards.

In workout news, I picked up my rental wetsuit from Bonzai Sports, and got my first wetsuit swim in. If only I could swim in a wetsuit all the time! The buoyancy was incredible, and I was actually able to focus on elongating my stroke more. I swam for longer than I had planned, as I’m doing a mini-taper and hadn’t planned on swimming for more than 20 mins. But I truly enjoyed myself and the workout. I love it when that happens! I also cleaned my bike this week, and installed a new hydration system; an XLAB mini wing hydration system off the back of my saddle. It’s nothing special, but it’s better than what I’ve been working with.

Today I’m resting and finalizing all my gear and nutrition! Two days to go until my first race of the season!

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