The Day Life Got In the Way

First off, quick race countdown update: 6 DAYS until my first race of the season, Peasantman Triathlon. And 40 DAYS until Eagleman 70.3.

I am nowhere near ready for my first half, but time marches steadily on.

I’ve admittedly been a little MIA from writing, and from training. Although, no excuses, I do feel as if my reason is fairly valid. Three weeks ago, I was suddenly, without warning, laid off from my beloved job. Most people don’t seem to really enjoy their jobs, but I loved my job and adored my organization fullheartedly. It was heart-breaking, but understandable. Myself and twelve other people were let go, in the middle of our busy season. I’ve heard that losing your job is one of the most traumatic things to happen to someone. That seems a little far-fetched, but it did shake up my world.

Race-specific training moreorless came to a complete halt, besides the necessary stress-relieving recovery runs/swims/rides. But my mind has been elsewhere. I was incredibly fortunate, as some former coworkers and my mentor assisted me in my job search. I received another job offer within a week, and have been at my new job for a whole week as of today! After getting some semblance of stability in my professional career, I’m finally able to focus a little more on training again. Which circles back to the beginning of this post: 6 DAYS until Peasantman. And I’m freaking out; my lack of specific, focused training the last 3 weeks has definitely set me back. It’s essentially time for me to start a small taper for the race, even though I missed three weeks of race-specific skill building.

All this to say, Peasantman will turn out to be an interesting race!



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