What I Ate – Friday Edition (IIFYM)

With triathlon training, weight lifting, weight losing, and everything in between, nutrition is just as important as the actual workouts. Some would argue it’s more important than the training session. Your body is an engine, and if you don’t put the proper fuel in it, performance will clearly suffer. There’s a reason triathletes plan out every single fueling moment for a race, starting a day or two beforehand. Nutrition (and hydration) can make or break the race, leading you to a PR or to bonking early.

In the training cycle, I try to eat relatively healthy. I still indulge (probably too much) in beer/wine, chocolate, and pasta, but I actively try to get enough protein and “good” calories in me. I feel better, I sleep better, I perform better when I am well fed.

So, without further ado, I’m finally succumbing to the age of people thinking others actually care about what they eat, and taking pictures of it before they eat it.


I normally eat breakfast after my morning workout, and this is one of my quick go-to’s. I frequently (once a week) make this fantastic casserole which I call enchilada casserole but it’s essentially just things thrown together. It’s base is two cups rice, with a pound of ground meat mixed in (this week it was deer meat). Then a can or two of black/red beans mixed in, a can of enchilada sauce, corn, chopped bell peppers, and as much cheese as you can handle. I am terrible at portion control when cooking, so I end up making a batch to feed a family of five. I use the leftovers daily and mix a scoop or so in with my two scrambled eggs in the morning, plus more cheese.

image1 (7)

Calories: 510 — Protein: 35g — Carbs: 34g — Fat: 19g — Fiber: 4g

Second Breakfast

A Bagel Thin with cream cheese. I was really feeling a snack in the morning, so this hit the spot. An everything Bagel Thin is 110 calories, and the cream cheese

image2 (2)

Calories: 290 — Protein: 6g — Carbs: 26g — Fat: 11g — Fiber: 5g


Lunch was more of the same from breakfast, just without eggs and less cheese. And a whole mess of grapes.

image3 (2)

Calories:  400 — Protein: 24g — Carbs: 54g — Fat: 9g — Fiber: 6g

Afternoon Snack

Granny Smith apple with almond butter, dandelion root tea, and two reese’s peanut butter eggs, because, hey, balance.

image4 (1)image5 (1)

Calories: 490 — Protein: 11g — Carbs: 58g — Fat: 26g — Fiber: 10g — Sugar: 44g

Not pictured is a banana I ate for a late dinner, and all the water and coffee I drank throughout the day. Overall, my macros were alright for the day. The protein could have been higher while the carbs could have been a little lower. But, training really takes it out of you, so I’m not very strict with myself about the food.


Calories: 1810 — Protein: 76g — Carbs: 207 — Fat: 65g — Fiber: 37g — Sugar: 63g

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