“Did You Do Anything Exciting This Weekend?”

The usual Monday morning conversation happened today as I was questioned “Did you do anything exciting this weekend?” And…I hesitated to answer. What had I actually done? Wracking my memory, I knew I had a great weekend, but what did I do that made it amazing? Oh, yea, I had time to get in some great workouts. However, that’s not exciting news for 98% of America, so I kept that to myself and mumbled something about the great naps I had. Yep, solid answer Case. Stunning command of the English language.

But why did I feel that way? Why did I feel the urge to repress what I was thrilled about and instead minimized my weekend successes to “naps?” (Not hating on naps at all though.) I have a feeling it stems from wanting to save the other persons feelings, or not wanting to come across as the workout/endorphin junkie. Regardless, even though I knew I had a great weekend, I still was a little ashamed of what it boiled down to.

“I hit my highest mileage on a run yet, played with my new bike, and had a great swim workout.”

Not very exciting for a non-triathlete to hear, right? However, that’s moreorless the extent of the excitement I experienced this weekend. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to relate to other people not training for a triathlon. It’s becoming apparent I need more triathletes in my life!

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