Setting Lofty Goals

Over this “off-season” (that’s what I’m calling my holiday binge and relaxation fest) I started to contemplate my urges to plan for a big race for 2016. I wanted something that would challenge me more than anything else ever has. Something that really didn’t (and still doesn’t) seem within the realm of possibility for me. But hey, to quote countless motivational tumblr posts:


So, here I am, scared sh*tless, but excited, because I just registered for Ironman 70.3 Eagleman 2016!

Let me say that again:

Ironman 70.3 Eagleman. A HALF IRONMAN.

It’s almost 6 months away, and I am ready to start training earnestly. Thanks to my family, I received 4 triathlon training books for Christmas, so at least I have enough knowledge from Joe Friel and Don Fink to muddle my way through self-coaching.

I’m currently in a few weeks of prep until training gets fully underway. My heart jumps in my throat every time I think about the starting gun. But, I’m ready to challenge myself and dedicate at least the next 6 months to giving my all to this sport. So, wish me luck as I question my sanity yet again!

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