The Struggle

The past week I traveled for work and had to sleep out of a hotel room. While hotels are nice (free breakfast and someone makes my bed?? Yesss), they also make it hard to stay on track while traveling. Between being busy in a new place and not having your normal food available, everyone’s fitness seems to tank during travel sessions. I’ve unfortunately been traveling for almost two weeks straight, with a 48 hour stay at home mixed in, so my training is all out of whack. My runs have been slow and lackluster, I haven’t ridden my bike in over a week, and I managed to get in one hotel pool workout. You know how many laps it takes in a small pool to actually get your heart rate up enough for it to count as a workout? I don’t know, I lost track somewhere around 30 “laps.”

I sound really ungrateful right now though; I love my job and I enjoyed traveling for it. How great is that! It’s just unfortunate that my fitness has been lagging. Between the past week of not being home, and being in Key West the week before, I’m not where I was three weeks ago. I’m feeling really discouraged about my fitness level, and it’s been taking a toll on my optimism for training. Have you ever had a setback like this and been filled by guilt and frustration at yourself for allowing it to happen? I’m not quite sure how to deal with it mentally and physically. My body is worn out and it’s showing in my workouts. But with the triathlon only two weeks away (ahh!), I feel like I can’t let up now. I’ve definitely hit a wall, and I’m struggling to break through this one.

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