Keeping On Track While On Vacation

So I haven’t posted in about a week, simply because I’ve been on vacation! I went to Key West for a week for a beautiful wedding and I definitely enjoyed myself! I saw, I ate, I drank, I snorkeled, I scootered, and I drank some more. Between spending time with friends, sightseeing, eating, drinking, recovering from drinking, and all the wedding festivities, there was unfortunately barely any time to work out though. I managed to get in two running workouts, and almost one swim workout, while still enjoying myself and not coming across like a fitness freak to everyone there.

I woke up early twice to get in some runs, which was a beautiful way to start the day in Key West. The heat in Key West in August is no joke, so if you weren’t outside running by 7:30, just forget it. I woke up early, and ran two different routes around the area. I combined my workout with some sightseeing too, and got to see the Southernmost Point and Earnest Hemingway’s house on my run route. All in all I’m a little disappointed that I couldn’t convince myself to go running any of the other days, but I’m glad I at least got two runs in.

I did a quasi swim workout where I kicked my way out with friends to a sandbar about 100-200 meters out in the ocean. I think I’m calling this a workout because I was terrified the entire time of something touching me in the water (aka “seaweed of death”) and my heartrate was through the roof. I’m also just trying to make myself feel better about not working out otherwise.

We also had a day-long water adventure extravaganza where we went with a company on a catamaran, and we parasailed, jet-skied, snorkeled, and climbed all over blowup obstacles. That was an exhausting, but really fun, day.

As far as nutrition went, while I wasn’t drinking I was able to eat relatively well for being on vacation. However, once I start drinking, I can’t stop myself from eating an entire cheesesteak or an entire bag of chips (or both at the same time). When we got back from vacation, I timidly woke up on Sunday morning, stared at the scale for a while, and went for it. I was terrified that I had gained 5+ pounds on vacation! I sure was bloated enough to make me believe that though. However, lo and behold, I actually only gained 1 pound!! I’m still not sure what fluke of nature led to only gaining 1 pound, but I’m grateful regardless!

I think I was able to keep on track in Key West because I ate at random times, sometimes missed meals, but tried to choose somewhat healthy options. I also believe I drank about half of my calories or more. But it was all evened out with getting in what workouts I could, and just focusing on having fun. There is no reason to be super stressed out about nutrition and fitness while on vacation. Vacation is vacation for a reason! It’s supposed to be relaxing and rejuvenating; don’t stress (too much) about food and don’t make yourself feel guilty about missing a workout. While I’m still working on that second part, I know that I did the best I could while having a great time with my friends.

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