Bike Ride Aug. 12

Last night I got home from work a little early, and determined I had enough time for a bike ride! I was so excited; I love bike riding, but I frequently don’t have enough time to ride as much or as long as I’d like.

Last night I set out with the determination to ride 17 miles, or the entire Arlington bike loop. It’s composed of the Custis Trail, which connects to the W&OD Trail, which in turn connects to Mt. Vernon Trail. It’s 17 miles total, and you can hop on the loop in so many different places. Last night I first rode slightly north, to hit the Custis Trail. After continuing along the rolling hills of that trail for 3.5 miles, I hit a roadblock (or should I say trailblock?) where they gated off the trail and said it was closed for maintenance. Bummer! I turned around and rode the 3.5 miles back home, desperately short of the distance I had anticipated riding.

(Picture courtesy of Bike Washington)

However, the trail setback was probably a good thing as my legs were worn out from the hills I ran in the morning. I spent Wednesday morning running 3 miles, and I made sure to gas it up all the hills I found, and catching my breath at the top. 

Today as a rest day, since I’m having some knee pain and my body is just worn out. I’m still not 100% in good training shape! I’m trying to listen to my body, instead of simply pushing it until something breaks or I lose all motivation.

Aug. 12 workout recap:

3 miles AM run, hill speed work

7 miles PM bike ride, hilly route

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