Swim Training Aug. 11

Last night I honestly had to fight myself to go to the pool. Like, I laid in bed with my swimsuit on, I laid in bed with my shoes on, I laid on the floor with my backpack on. Literally doing everything I could to convince myself that laying around was a better course of action. But, somehow I convinced myself to get in the car and drive to the pool. Thankfully, once I was there, I started getting more pumped up for my workout. And after all that fighting and self-pity, I had the best swim workout I’ve had in a while! It’s amazing how somedays you have no desire and have to drag yourself to the gym, only to have a killer workout.

I read something once (probably on Instagram or Pinterest) that said something to the regard of “getting dressed is half the battle.” I think what saved my workout yesterday was that I came home from work and immediately put on my swimsuit. Disregard the fact that I laid around in my swimsuit for 15 minutes, I still put it on and (eventually) made it to the gym. I’ll notch that up as a double-win against myself. Not only did I actually make it to the pool, I had an amazing workout! I finally found my groove again, and was able to just keep swimming non-stop.

Swim workout (my pool is in yards, not meters):

freestyle 100 yards (60%max), freestyle 150 yards (60%max), breast stroke 50 yards, freestyle 150 yards (60%max), freestyle 400 yards (60%max), breast stroke 50 yards, freestyle 100 yards (80%max)


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