Run Aug. 10

Last night the temperature actually dropped below 90 for once in the DC area, so I went for a run with my boyfriend to the Lincoln Memorial and back. It’s 2.5 miles there…and 2.5 miles back. Although it was humid, and the air had the heaviness of an approaching rainstorm, it was a beautiful run. The path we take runs near the Iwo Jima Memorial, past Arlington Cemetery, and across the Memorial Bridge to the Lincoln Memorial. From there you can watch the planes landing at Reagan National Airport, and you can catch a distant glimpse of Robert E. Lee’s house sitting atop the hill, overlooking Arlington Cemetery.

The run was relatively uneventful; we managed a good pace on the way there, and then tanked a little on the way back. It’s basically my mantra to run positive splits, not negative splits!

It was a good training run, and I’m glad I was able to run with my boyfriend, who kept pushing my pace fairly consistently. Tonight, it’s swim time!

image1 (2)

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