Brick Workout Aug. 8

Happy Monday! I managed to get away from the urban sprawl for a bit and I traveled to my parents farm this weekend. I got in two solid workouts over the weekend, one of which was a brick workout on Saturday.

Biking through the rolling hills of farm land is incredibly relaxing, compared to the urban biking filled with traffic lights and cars I’m used to. I biked and ran with my father, who was a competitive biker back in his prime. Although he’s older now, he still smoked me on some hills!

We biked 16+ miles at an average 15-17mph pace.

And then, to complete the killer brick workout, we ran 3.5 miles somewhere around a 9:30 pace. (I know, I know, I run slow, but I still run.)

It was completely overcast during the bike ride, which made for a cooler ride. However, once we decided to finish the workout with a run, the sun came out and the humidity really made those 3 miles dragggg on. The run killed me.

I’m glad we got a brick workout in, and it felt nice to ride with someone else for once. I’m a loner currently in my training, but being able to ride with someone else made me want to keep riding and keep pushing for longer. Maybe I’ll join a local tri club at some point!

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