Active Recovery Day: Horseback riding!

Sunday was my active recovery day, and it was only deemed so because my legs were smoked from the brick workout the day before. So, instead of heading to the pool like I planned, I instead relaxed and rode my horse! I feel like the luckiest girl when I can finally ride my horse at my parent’s farm. His name is Tony, and he is a Standardbred/Thoroughbred mix, with a ton of goofy, amazing personality quirks thrown in there as well. He is a stubborn, sweet, loving, and sometimes rambunctious gelding who generally concedes to my will, but not without a fight.

Because my family farm is about three hours from where I live, I only get a chance to ride Tony once a month, or even less. Every time I ride I get in a great workout, without even trying! No wonder all the equestrian women have these amazing legs and cores!

I rode Tony briefly, as the flies were getting bad and I felt bad for the poor guy. He was thankful when I got off, and also demanding of treats/grain/attention. I love that horse so much. Horseback riding isn’t in my training “plan,” but I’m sure glad I took the time to ride.


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