Workouts Aug. 6

Yesterday I managed to get in two workouts! Finally. I’ve been having a hard time pushing myself lately and it felt good to actually get up and get in workouts before-and-after work.

In the morning I went for a 3.25 mile run, and it was actually one of the worse runs I’ve had in a while. I started getting side cramps about halfway through and they did not abate, even when I stopped and stretched it out and relaxed. But, I’m glad I did it and I persevered even though it was a struggle.

In the evening after work I suited up for a bike ride, which is always an adventure for me. I live in an urban area, which, albeit being bike friendly, is still stressful to ride in. There are some beautiful trails (W&OD Trail, Mt. Vernon Trail, Custis Trail, etc.) a few miles away though, so once you get through all the road traffic, the trails are a breeze. I rode about 9 miles before I got a flat tire. For the life of me I could not find the hole in the tube, so I had to get picked up. Unfortunate, but I still had a great ride and was really finding my stride, averaging about 15-18 mph. I also used a new trail (Custis Trail) and found that it had some challenging short hills, which my old trail (W&OD Trail) had been lacking.

Even though I had some mishaps and struggles (cramping and flat tire), I still really enjoyed my workouts and I was thankful that I managed to get both of them in.

Today I have dedicated as a rest day, and I will enjoy it thoroughly! You’ll be able to find me foam rolling when I have a chance later.

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