Lack of Motivation

Sometimes, just sometimes, when that alarm clock goes off in the morning, you just roll back over and continue sleeping. There are a thousand possible reasons why you don’t want to wake up and work out, but you just don’t. Lack of motivation is real and it is the #1 killer of amazing workouts!

I had a morning like that this morning. I turned my alarm off, laid in bed with my eyes open and tried to convince myself to get up. For whatever reason though, I just could not get out of bed. So, I succumbed to defeat and fell back asleep for another blissful hour. After I woke up (for the second time), I was consumed by such guilt for missing my workout. I was actually ashamed at myself! And I haven’t been able to shake the feeling since.

However, these momentary setbacks happen, and you can either beat yourself up about them, or you can turn them into something better! Maybe your body is telling you that you need a rest day, or maybe just a little bit more sleep. Maybe you didn’t plan your workout enough, and weren’t as jazzed about it as you could have been. Whatever the reason for the lack of motivation, it is real and it can cause a lot of guilt. Or, you can turn it into something better! For me, I’m going to go smash my bicycle speed workout tonight, and I will feel amazing about it.

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